Welcome to Seen In Portsmouth a site featuring photos and videos of events that have occurred in and around Portsmouth.
A number of regular events are featured including Live at the Bandstand, The Great South Run, Thursdays at Jags@119 and Race for Life among others.
This site contains highlights of some of the eventsĀ  but a more comprehensive selection of photos can be found on our Facebook Page
or for higher quality images then visit flickr

If you are featured in the photos I have taken feel free to use them for non commercial use.
(Personal promotion for bands and artist is not considered commercial use in this context.)

For videos shoot at events please check outĀ  facebook videos or youtube channel
If you would like your event to be featured then please feel free to invite me along, this should be a personal invite not a general facebook event invite.
Please include contact details and let the venue know you have a photographer coming.
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